38. Get Your Time Back With These 7 Teacher Time-saving Tips

Ash and Alisha from RSC

Have you ever been sitting around the staffroom table and caught yourself saying, ‘There just isn’t enough time’? 


It is no secret that teachers are time-poor. 


Today, we are discussing time-saving tips, tricks, and hacks that have worked for us over the years. Some of them have been in our toolkit for a long time, and others are totally new discoveries. 


One key to being effective as a teacher is time management, and let’s face it, we all wish for more. (It’s easier said than done.)


Let’s unpack 7 time-saving tips that have helped us, and hopefully you too:

  • Be organised 
  • Set realistic goals
  • Set yourself up for the term
  • Be a week ahead
  • Know your time
  • Keep on top of daily and weekly tasks with routines
  • Technology away


Managing and using your time wisely as a teacher will set you up for success from the get-go! Let us know if you put any of these time management strategies for teachers in place and how they worked for you. 


Rainbows ahead,

Alisha and Ashleigh


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