27. How Seeking Help Paved the Way for Vanessa’s Success

seeking help for success

What is the key to success as a beginning teacher? Here’s a clue: Seeking help!

Today, we are talking with Vanessa, and she strongly feels that asking for help will propel you forward to become a confident first-year teacher (and we agree).

It isn’t always easy asking for help but as Vanessa says, progress is the goal and getting the support we need is a much quicker way to get closer to that goal.

Vanessa sees any challenge she has faced so far in her teaching degree as an adventure, and we love this mindset. She talks about how the beginning of her career was memorable, rewarding, and eye-opening, how she developed relationships with her students, and how she dealt with behaviour as a casual teacher PLUS some of her favourite go-to resources (they are all linked below).

If you are a new teacher, a casual teacher or just a teacher who is looking for a little confidence, don’t skip past this episode.

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Rainbows ahead,

Ashleigh and Alisha


Resources mentioned in this episode

Connect with Vanessa on Instagram – @vanessavaccarella

Grab a free copy of Number of the Day

Get our ‘Get Organised’ checklist

A freebie for Casual Teachers

Get support during your first years as a teacher inside Transform Your First Years


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