Listening to Reading – Listening Ideas for Literacy Rotations

Sometimes it can be tricky to incorporate listening to reading in your weekly literacy rotations. But we are here today to share some simple Listening to Reading ideas your students are going to love (read to the bottom to grab these ideas in a free printable version).

There are many benefits for kids when listening to reading:

  • They allow listeners to access books at a higher level.
  • Exposes the listener to a wider variety of sophisticated vocabulary
  • The reader may use silly voices and emphasise character traits using their voice, making it enjoyable for the listener.

So why not try listening to audiobooks, online stories, or podcasts as a part of your literacy rotations? There is so much content online designed to engage kids.

To save you the time of trawling through the internet looking for great listening post choices (because teachers are busy people), we have collated some free audio options to check out:

Podcasts are a super easy and fun way.

  • ABC’s Little Yarns – explores Indigenous language
  • Annabel and Turtle – explores Growth Mindset
  • The Beanies – fun stories
  • Imagine This – puzzling science questions
  • The Fact Detectives – About two curious kids on a mission to find out all the cool facts about everything!
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Online stories are an excellent option for audio plus the visual element. Here are some free options:

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Helpful Apps to use:

Finally, there are so many apps out there to assist students listening skills. There are many that involve a subscription fee such as Epic, Oxford Owl, RazKids. However, if you are looking for a cost free option try these:

  • ABC Kids Listen
  • ABC listens
  • BTN:Behind the news is a website but you can also print comprehension questions from the site to accompany the activity.

Teacher Technology Tips:

You may be wondering what is the easiest way for students to access these platform.

If you have devices in the classroom you can download the apps or add website addresses as a home screen button.

Alternatively, QR codes are another great way. Simple create the code and print it off for students to access.

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Want these ideas in an easy-to-access printable list? Grab your FREE printable version here:

Includes ideas, teacher tips, and free student reflection template.

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