5 Strategies to Increase Student Engagement

If you are a teacher, then student engagement is probably a topic that is at the top of your mind most days!

Let’s face it… we all have those moments during the school year when the energy in the classroom feels flat. But fear not! When motivation dips, it’s the perfect opportunity to inject some excitement with a fresh approach to teaching. 

As teachers, we know engaging our students is key to enriching their learning experiences. That’s why we’re here to lend a helping hand with five practical strategies for revving up your classroom vibe. Let’s get into it!

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5 Strategies to Increase Student Engagement

Student Choice

Have you ever thought about letting your students take the reins? Offering them choices in their learning can be a game-changer. Whether deciding to work solo or team up with a buddy, tackling math problems in any order they please, or handpicking a couple of words for their spelling list, giving students a say empowers them to invest in their education.

Increase student engagement

Friendly Competition

Who says learning can’t be a blast? Introduce a bit of friendly competition to spice up your lessons. Keep it lighthearted and fun, turning routine practice sessions into exciting challenges. A little rivalry can ignite a spark in your students, motivating them to bring their A-game while enjoying the learning journey.

The competition doesn’t have to be one-on-one; it could be half the class competing against the other half practising a skill or concept.

Student engagement

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Connect to the Real World

Let’s bring the outside world into the classroom! Incorporating real-life examples into your lessons adds a whole new dimension to learning.

Whether it’s discussing local events, diving into current affairs, or exploring global issues, relating the curriculum to what’s happening beyond the school walls makes learning meaningful and relatable.

Here are some ways you can do this:

1. Create a wonder wall or table where students share things they’ve found that relate to content taught or not in the classroom.Increase student engagement. Imaage: Carly and Adam


2. Get AI to create math problems on a topic your class is curious about, whether it’s the AFL Grand finals or how to grow plants.


3. Incorporate a writing prompt related to students’ fascination with community helpers. It could be writing a letter, making a card or designing a postcard.

Increase student engagement

Utilise Technology

It’s time to embrace the wonders of technology! Technology offers endless possibilities to engage young minds, from creating digital stories to playing educational games. Whether your students are recording audio books, crafting presentations, or snapping photos to document their learning, integrating tech into your lessons sparks excitement and foster essential digital skills.

Technology tools for teachers

Open-Ended Questions + Tasks

Let’s get those brains buzzing with open-ended questions and tasks. Encourage curiosity, critical thinking, and lively discussions by posing thought-provoking prompts. Whether it’s pondering different perspectives, tackling complex problems together, or simply sharing ideas, open-ended tasks create a dynamic classroom environment where every voice is valued.

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Incorporating these five strategies into your teaching toolkit can revolutionise student engagement and cultivate a vibrant learning community. Remember, every classroom is unique, so don’t hesitate to adapt these ideas to suit your students’ interests and learning styles.

Together, let’s empower our young learners to thrive and succeed!

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