Getting your Wardrobe Ready for Teaching

So, you have just graduated from uni, scored yourself a job or some casual teaching gigs, now you need to LOOK the part!

Personal presentation is very important. It is also a good way to build confidence if you aren’t quite there yet – fake it until you make it!

With this in mind, we decided to dedicate this post to chat about teacher fashion. A place you can come for inspo and ideas that will have you looking super profesh but also won’t break the bank.

Note: Links in this post are collaborations, not affiliations. We love these brands and wear them at school ourselves.

Here are our top tips when shopping for outfits for work:

1. Have some staple items that you can mix and match

A great wardrobe doesn’t mean it needs to be extensive. Choose some basics that you can mix and match and build upon. A pair of black pants that you can wear throughout summer and winter is a good investment. We also absolutely love the Elisha tees from Feather and Noise, The Rose Black Culottes (for summer and winter) as well as their Emilia Jacket.

2. Try a pop of colour

Kids love colour! Don’t shy away from colours if you love them too. Let your personality shine through in what you wear.

3. Keep in mind your daily duties

As teachers, we are leaning over and marking student’s work, getting on the floor to read, bending down to look at sore knees (or plugin technology cords), so keep these things in mind when you are choosing clothing. Your outfit needs to be appropriate to do all these things on the daily. Hemlines closer to the knee and necklines that aren’t too low are also best.

4. Invest in shoes

We WISH someone had told us this tip early in our career. You spend a lot of time on your feet as a teacher. Invest in some shoes that give your feet the love that they deserve. Frankie4 shoes are stylish as well as the most comfortable shoes we have ever worn. They are designed by podiatrists but don’t look like you are wearing Nanna shoes (if you get our drift). They are also a company that gives back to the Brainchild Foundation and we love that about them.

Frankie4 also have a professional discount for teachers. We recommend investing in one pair of shoes you can use with several outfits to get started. Check out the teacher discount here.

5. Go for affordable options

Depending on the age of children and subjects you teach, clothing can get worn out or stained easily while teaching. Go for options that will still have you looking fashionable but for an affordable price. This is another reason why we love F&N – their clothes don’t break the bank and they look great!

6. Teacher Fashion Accessories

Finally, every teacher outfit needs to be accessorised with a lanyard for your keys and perhaps a whistle. Miki Beads makes the cutest teacher lanyards and you can even get them personalised.

There are lots of accounts on Instagram that share teaching outfit inspiration. Some of our Aussie favourites are:






We picked Rachel and Lyndal’s brains when it comes to dressing for a day of teaching and this is the gold they gave us:

‘I always follow the rule of 3 when I’m buying clothes, especially for school. The rule of 3 is: make sure you can’t see up it, see down it or see through it. Follow these rules, I know I am always going to feel confident and comfortable no matter what I choose to wear.’ Rachel from @agoodlittleteach

A strong belief of mine is, we have worked so hard in order to join the teaching profession and as teachers we work so incredibly hard. Therefore, in order to be treated and feel like a true professional you need to dress like one! Get up, dress up, show up! A professional outfit will change your entire mindset. Lyndal from @sydneystyledteacher

Finally, before you go, we have talked a lot about our 2 fave brands in this post. As we said earlier, they are brands that we wear and support ourselves. A few other reasons why we love Feather and Noise are:

  • You can mix and match their pieces to create weekend outfits as well!
  • They have express shipping without the cost – buy now and you will be in your new outfit in a couple of days and…
  • They are constantly showing off their stock on their Instagram stories with a range of different ladies and body shapes and sizes – and we are down for everything body positivity!

Side note: If you live in Melbourne, for just $25 you can go in for a styling session and the girls at F&N can help you create a teaching wardrobe (I’m totally going to visit next time I’m in Melbourne).

Getting your Wardrobe Ready for Teaching - Rainbow Sky Creations

Before you go… are you a new teacher?

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