Boost Multiplication fluency with this free game

Are you ready for your students to excel in multiplication? Say goodbye to the monotonous drills and hello to a fun and exciting game that your students are going to love.

Teachers all over the world are falling in love with our free multiplication fluency flip-it game because it is low prep, easy to differentiate, and you can use it all year round. It is also perfect for those time slots that you need to fill throughout the day.

Say no more… I need this game!Free multiplication fluency game

We want to share with you why you need this game in your classroom too, but before we do…

Why Math Fluency Activities are Important

Math fluency, particularly in multiplication, is essential for students’ success in mathematics. Mastering times tables form the basis of more advanced math concepts, from fractions to algebra.

Daily practice in multiplication not only reinforces memory but also boosts students’ confidence and problem-solving abilities, allowing them to approach more complex math tasks with ease.

Basically, as teachers, we know that multiplication fluency is a no-brainer! Getting the students actively involved and enjoying the process is a different matter!

I’m ready to get my students actively engaged in multiplication fluency.

Free multiplication fluency game

Introducing our FREE Multiplication Fluency Flip-it Games

This free multiplication game is designed to make learning engaging and effective, transforming a potentially tedious task into a fun and enjoyable activity.

We know students build fluency by working on a skill over and over, this game provides the repeated practice necessary to build strong multiplication skills but also kids want to play it over and over!

“I am using these as a math station in our classroom, and the kids get excited to play them each time.” Kim (Grade 3 teacher)

Free multiplication fluency game

Why We Love This Game:

✨ So Simple to Differentiate: Easily adjust the game’s difficulty to cater to both advanced students and those needing extra support. Students can all be playing the same game but working on different multiplication facts.

✨ Hands-On Learning: The game provides an interactive, tactile experience, helping students grasp multiplication concepts more concretely. We are big believers in hands-on learning here at Rainbow Sky because kids learn by doing.

✨ No Fancy Resources Needed: All you need are playing cards, counters, and our free printables. Resources you already have at your fingertips in the classroom.

✨ Print and Go for Teachers: Easy to prepare and implement, making it a hassle-free addition to your teaching toolkit.

✨ Most Importantly, Kids LOVE It: Engaging and fun, this game will have your students excited to practice multiplication. They can play it in pairs or even individually.

Grab your free copy here.

Multiplication flip it game testimonial

Benefits of this Multiplication Fluency Game

As teachers we have access to so many resources and ideas. So, why is this one different?

Low Prep:

Ready in minutes with just playing cards, counters, and our free printables.

Versatile Use:

Ideal for whole-class instruction, small group work, or individual practice. Fits seamlessly into numeracy rotations or as intervention activities.

You Can Use it All Year:

Perfect for use throughout the school year, especially during those 15-minute time slots that need filling or as a fast-fisher task.

In summary, this multiplication fluency game is perfect for busy teacher life!

Free multiplication fluency game

What Other Teachers Are Saying:

Stephanie: “My students loved using this resource. It was simple and engaging.”

Sarah: “I love this game… it has been a hit. It’s such a fun game to practice fluency! My students loved it!”

Mrs. Shae: “This was an easy and fun activity to use with my students to increase their learning of multiplication facts.”

Free multiplication fluency game

Other Effective Strategies for Building Multiplication Fluency

While our free game is a fantastic resource, incorporating a variety of activities can further enhance students’ multiplication skills. Here are some additional multiplication fluency strategies:

1. Daily Math Drills: Short drills or math warmups can help reinforce quick recall of multiplication facts.

2. Multiplication Songs and Rhymes: Songs and rhymes can make memorising times tables fun and engaging. Many educational websites offer catchy multiplication tunes that students can sing along to.

3. Interactive Online Games: Websites like Math Playground, Khan Academy, and Cool Math Games offer interactive multiplication games that make practice feel like play.

4. Group Challenges: Organise multiplication bees or group challenges where students compete to solve multiplication problems quickly and accurately. This encourages a healthy competitive spirit and teamwork.

Free resources for teachers

Ready to Download?

Incorporating this free multiplication game into your classroom routine is a breeze. Not only does it support the development of crucial math skills, but it also brings joy to learning.

Click here to download your freebie and start transforming multiplication practice in your classroom today!

Free multiplication fluency game
Download Your Free Multiplication Game

Make multiplication fluency a fun, engaging, and educational experience for your students with this fantastic resource.


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