10 Things Successful Teachers all have in Common

Being a teacher isn’t easy. We are constantly juggling many hats. So what is the secret to not feeling like a hot mess? Here are 10 things we have observed in those happy and successful teachers:

1. They arrive early (or at least on time). They aren’t rushing about in the morning to prep for the day or kicking the photocopier because it has decided to jam right on the bell.

2. Successful teachers keep their desks and minds clear. If you are one of those people that have thoughts and ideas flying around, we suggest doing a brain dump to free your brain and focus on the now.

3. These teachers deliver on their promises. I once worked with a teacher who was awesome, she delivered on every single thing! Whether it was for parents, students, or her colleagues. I asked her how she did it and she said, “Keeping on top of my own class responsibilities frees me up to help others. I also never volunteer for something if I don’t intend to do it – if you are going to commit, you need to always follow through!”

4. They meet deadlines – find a system at works for you. I like to write all deadlines and due dates in my diary in red. At the same time, I write them on a to-do list the week before in my teacher diary so I know they are coming up in advance.

5. Successful teachers are often happy and healthy teachers. Which means they find time in their routine to exercise and move their body.

6. A successful teacher isn’t all about teaching. They make time for fun outside of the classroom. Hobbies, self-care, and relaxation time are on their priority list.

7. These teachers have the ability to say no. They don’t get caught up in every fad or project. It is great to be involved but you can’t do everything all the time.

8. The best teachers are team players. They model to their students how to work collaboratively and in partnership with others and as a result, they share their workload (and learn from others along the way).

9. You will notice successful teachers are always polite and professional. Teaching is definitely a work of heart but remember, it is also your place of work and professionalism is vital.

10. Finally successful and happy teachers stay focused on the bigger or end goals. It can be very easy to get bogged down in the little things in the school environment. Don’t sweat the small stuff and stay focused on the bigger picture.

What have you noticed about those successful teachers at your school?

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One more thing before you go…

Do you wonder how that other teacher looks like they have it all together? Seriously, they are able to do everything expected of them and don’t ever seem frazzled OR stressed!



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